Annabel McMahon : Rackety’s Ltd

What is Rackety’s Ltd all about?
Rackety’s is a branded range of high street quality clothing designed for disabled children and adults. The clothing is all designed to help with specific problems but blend in with the customers regular clothing.

What is the social impact?

Most “Mobility stores” look depressing and dated, this is the public face of disability. Families who live with disability describe it as a parallel universe, as their needs are seldom understood. Rackety’s plan to become the Mothercare equivalent of disability, with vibrant high street standards and a clear message that shows those with no connection with disability a more realistic and modern face. This is an opportunity to improve the life of those who live with disability by offering high street standard clothing and products to suit their requirements that make them look and feel the same as everyone else.

Who are the people involved?

Rackety’s was set up by Annabel and her Husband Paul, while Annabel has created the brand, Paul has made it possible with his entrepreneurial skill. Annabel has 25 years’ experience designing garments for the UK high street stores. Noticing the lack of choice for specialised clothing she set about creating a brand that solves the dressing requirements of the disabled with high street quality and design. Now in a unique position of working with such a wide variety of disabilities from all over the world, it has become her passion to raise awareness of the taboos and battles of those who live with disability.

What are the future plans?

Rackety’s want to become the Mothercare equivalent for families who live with disability, the products available are so scattered and difficult to find, we want to make life easier for the families who live with disabilities.We plan to extend the range from clothing to include feeding, incontinence, safety and leisure products for disabled children and their families. We have new websites in Scandinavia and USA and are planning an Australiasian site next with experienced partners to run each site. We also have a contract for a trial with the MOD for a highly specialised garment. based in Staffordshire.



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