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What is CyberMentors all about?
CyberMentors is an online peer and professional mentoring and support service for young people aged 11-18 who are facing bullying and child-on-child violence. It uses innovative online technology to deliver support to young people in distress in real time and on demand. CyberMentors is at a time where investment would allow for significant expansion into targeted regions of the UK where bullying and child on child violence presents a real issue.

What is the social impact?

CyberMentors significantly reduces bullying, anti-social behaviour, truancy and exclusions in schools running the programme. It improves the wellbeing and confidence of young people and improves overall school life. In particular:

  • Bullying is reduced by an average of 41% in participating schools
  • Exclusions have been reduced by a third -88% of schools report a positive improvement in school life

Who are the people involved?

Emma-Jane Cross is the founder and CEO of Beatbullying and CyberMentors, an organisation which has twice been named charity of the year since being founded in 2002. Emma developed and designed the Beatbullying and CyberMentors model. Emma is a well-known, passionate and effective advocate of children’s rights and winner of Charity Principal of the Year 2009.

Charles Bosher is Director of Business Development at Beatbullying and CyberMentors. He has responsibility for planning and leading the strategic growth of CyberMentors. He is a passionate and powerful communicator who uses innovation and strong project management skills to drive projects to completion.

Beatbullying’s Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of the Chief Executive – Emma-Jane Cross, The Deputy CEO – Richard Piggin, The Director of Business Development – Charles Bosher, The Director of Communications – Sherry Adhami, The Director of New Media – Sarah Dyer, and The Director of Finance – Caroline Okoyo. The SMT have many years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector and delivering programmes for social good.

What are the future plans?

CyberMentors is looking to expand the impact of its interventions on a national scale. Working in targeted areas of the UK where bullying and child-on-child violence is a significant problem, the service will be sold into schools and youth settings. By scaling up our sales programme we will be able to deliver consistent growth and demonstrate social return on investment to all our investors and partners. There is a total available market of 10,936 buyers for CyberMentors; we currently own 3.1% of the market, demonstrating significant opportunity for expansion through the right level of investment.



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