We’ve teamed up with Wayra to support tech start-ups creating change


We’re very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Wayra UK, Telefonica’s technology incubator, to offer support and investment to tech start-ups who want to create social change.

Our new partnership has been backed by the Government’s £10 million Social Incubator Fund, an initiative to find organisations that will offer a period of intensive support to tech start-ups set up to tackle a social need.

We will be working with Wayra UK to identify up and coming digital start-ups and accelerating their entry to market by providing investment and technical expertise in a purpose-built Academy.

The Academy will be supporting 30 digitally-focussed start-ups over two years by providing seed-funding, coaching and mentoring, work-spaces, a global network of Academies, and fast-track access to influential decision makers.

The announcement was made at Nesta’s Tech For Good event by the Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd. He said:

“There is no shortage of social entrepreneurs in the UK with the ideas, passion and talent to create successful businesses that improve lives. We also have a talented and growing technology community in the UK. Increasingly we’re seeing these two come together, with innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups harnessing the power of technology to create real change for people and communities.”

Cliff Prior, our CEO, and Simon Devonshire, Director of Wayra Europe, said:

“We are massively proud to celebrate this new partnership. We are also thrilled the Government is giving this special partnership its full support and backing. Together we aim to address significant social issues through the use of digital technology combined with entrepreneurial talent.”

Keep an eye out for an announcement of how to apply to be a start-up supported at the Academy by following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook Page.

Image Credit: Wayra

  1. by Mark March 13, 2013

    I’ve clicked the Wayra link and it says submit your idea by January 2013! Have I missed the deadline or is there an upcoming one for me to present my idea?

  2. by ardie March 14, 2013


    If you are referring to the related post article that is displayed at the bottom of the post called “Wayra looking for new startups to join their new Accelerator Program”, it looks like that is a different programme to the subject of this blog article.

    We have teamed up with Wayra to create a purpose-built Academy, whereas the article I think you have clicked on is about a programme run by Wayra called “Wayra Call”, which we have no involvement in.

    I’m afraid I can’t advise on that particular programme, but the final date for applying to be part of what we’re teaming up with Wayra for has yet to be announced, so you still have time for that!

    I hope that clears things up.

    (UnLtd Comms Team)

  3. by Lesley March 16, 2013

    Do we know when this is going to be announced? My feet are well and truly in the starting blocks… Just waiting for the off.

  4. by ardie March 18, 2013

    Hi Lesley,

    Thanks very much for your interest; and we’re glad to hear that you’re keen to get going!

    Our partnership with Wayra has been formalised, but there is no set date for the arrival of the Academy as of yet. We will announce any new developments on our site as well as on Facebook and Twitter as soon as there are any.

    Thanks again,

    (UnLtd Comms Team)

  5. by Luis Lira April 1, 2013

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Luis and I am from Peru. I work at Wayra Peru and I am very excited about this new partnership. I have personally been involved in 2 social enterprises and help mentoring some more in my University. Please, count on me if you want to reach my country and I will gladly help you! Once again, very happy for the partnership!

  6. by Nathalie June 21, 2013

    Hi – is there any news on when you will be launching this programme? It seems ideal for us and we are really excited about applying. Thanks!


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