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Big venture challenge winner 2013-14

Tine Postuvan : EqualEyes

The Entrepreneur & Team

Tine has 4 years’ experience as a developer and a BSc in IT. Tine founded EqualEyes when his mother developed maculopathy, making her eyesight worsen over time. Tine realised that mobile technology was not accessible and decided to create a solution.

  • Tine Postuvan: Founder
  • Blaz Magdic: Chief Technology Officer
  • Zan Markan: Chief Operating Officer
  • Luka Topolovec: CEO of Slovenian Branch

Legal Status: CLS

Date Incorporated: 09/2012

Elevator Pitch

EqualEyes makes smartphone technology accessible to people with a range of disabilities.


EqualEyes is an adjustable mobile platform that adapts the user interface of mobile phones to suit a range of disabilities. Offering highly customized options for font size, colours, navigation and much more, EqualEyes bring the benefits of smartphones to a much wider audience.


Smartphones have revolutionised the way we live our lives but unfortunately they aren’t suitable for a significant part of our society. Visually impaired, blind or elderly people face a barrier to use them because current smartphones don’t meet their needs. Equal Eyes takes existing smartphone technology and makes it accessible to millions more people.

Market Opportunity

There are around 290m people with visual impairment in the world, 40m are fully blind. In the UK there are around 2m people with severe visual impairment. The UK’s increasing elderly population also provides a big market opportunity.

Competitive Advantage

EqualEyes has strong backing from Telefonica (through their Wayra Academy) and this has opened up routes to market and partnerships. Business aliance also includes ODMs and charities. The existing market is large and the product is best in class, with a strong roadmap of enhancements.

Revenue Model & Forecast

Business to business licensing and business/charity to customer direct sales.

  • Year 1: £206k
  • Year 2: £1.6m
  • Year 3: £5.4m
Social Impact Models & Metrics

EqualEyes is working closely with a range of charity partners to develop impact measurement tools. Additional testing sessions are planned in next months with RLSB, RNIB and Sense to gather data and map out impact.

Funding Requirements

£200k to support business development and continuation of product implementation and enhancements.

Why Invest?

This product is highly scalable and has first mover advantage in a sector of the market that is very new and offers great opportunities. EqualEyes have have already attracted private investment and support from Telefonica through their Wayra academy for this innovative product. The charity sector’s early involvement with EqualEyes shows high user satfisfaction for the products, which have been developed by an experienced product development team.

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󰀽Head office address: 123 Whitecross Street, Islington, London, EC1Y 8JJ
󰀝London 020 7566 1100 | Birmingham and Bradford 0800 917 7113