Many thanks for applying to Big Venture Challenge. The information you provide at this stage is important. The first stage of our assessment involves two of our team reviewing your application to decide whether you go forward to the second due diligence phase. We recommend you read the Application Guidelines and the following information before you begin.

What will you need before you apply?
1. Your National Insurance Number

You will be asked to supply your NI Number. If you can not find your NI Number, please click here.

2. Two References

You will need to supply two references. Your references should be credible professionals with a good social standing. Please note, references are only for our UnLtd checks and for validation purposes.

3. Your Executive Summary

This is your "pitch" to the assessment team. It is your opportunity to describe your business model and social impact, your team and performance and your plans for growth. Once you have completed the form it is uploaded at the end of the Application Form.

4. Your Financial Forecast

This shows us the financial forecast which underpins your growth plans. You may have a more detailed forecast already prepared. If this shows the information we ask for feel free to upload this instead of the standard template. Once completed the form is uploaded at the end of the Application Form.

Ready to Apply?

Your application will be reviewed by at least two of our team as the first stage of the assessment and selection process. Note that we do not request further details during this phase and therefore the information you provide needs to tell a compelling story.

Should you progress to the second, due dilligence stage of the process, we will be in touch to ask questions and gather further information.

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Hints & Tips
What we are looking for:

When we conduct the first assessment we are looking at a number of important aspects:

The social impact – we look for a clear theory of change and social impact delivery model which will scale.

The revenue model – clarity on the value proposition and your routes to market is important. We need to understand how the venture will grow economically.

The team – our experience is that social ventures are more likely to thrive when they have a solid team and a variety of useful network connections.

The performance –a positive record of social and economic achievement demonstrates the validity of the models underpinning operations.

The plan – a clear vision for the future with a sound and credible growth strategy allows us to see your ambition and potential.

We recognise that you may still have work in progress on some of these elements; this is why we have a package of support available to successful applicants. Our assessment is also about developing an understanding of the level of support which would be required.
Word Count:

The Executive Summary has word count limits. These are there for a reason; we have found that conciseness and brevity are hallmarks of the more successful entrepreneur. Being able to articulate your value in a short and compelling manner is an advantage.