We’d love you to help us unleash the energies of more Social Entrepreneurs. We've put together a few simple assets that could help you share the message by:
  • Showing that you support UnLtd’s work and impact
  • Explaining what we do and the support we offer
  • Helping you to engage in conversation with UnLtd
We hope these assets are useful to you. Thank you again for your support!


A Few Simple Rules

The simplest way to show your support is share our brand and message, you may want to do this:

  • On your website
  • On social media
  • Somewhere we haven’t thought of!

There are only three rules when using our Supporter assets:

– Please be clear that you don’t work with UnLtd or have a legal association
– Please don’t change or distort the Supporter assets
– Using Supporter brand, is not a licence to use other UnLtd Brand assets

There are three main rules that cover the use of the Supporter brand:

  • You must be offered use of the Supporter Brand by UnLtd before using it
  • You must follow the brand guides included in the Logo Pack
  • Use of the Supporter brand, is not a licence to use other UnLtd Brand assets

Thank you again for your support, we hope that our brand guides will help you gain more recognition for your great work!

How We Describe Ourselves

Here’s how we explain ourselves to people:

“UnLtd works for a world where people act to make it better. We call these people social entrepreneurs and we help them directly with one-to-one advice, specialist support and resources.”

We work across the UK with entrepreneurs running every size and type of project. We don’t mind if they make a profit, as long as their goal is to create positive social change.

UnLtd is for Social Entrepreneurs.

Don’t Forget to Link to Us

When you publish content online, please don’t forget to share a link to , you can use the HTML code below to link to us:

<a href="">UnLtd- for Social Entrepreneurs</a>

Getting Help from UnLtd

We are constantly working to provide opportunities for our Supporters to shine. There are several ways you can get help, to make a bigger impact. The easiest way to get help is to follow us on Social Media and say hello.

Here’s a list of the official UnLtd social media accounts, pop us a question if you need help!


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