Practical Advice for Every Step on Your Journey

This toolkit offers practical guidance and working models for every stage of social entrepreneurship from initial idea, setup and piloting, on to longer term sustainability, growth and replication. The toolkit is not meant to be a formal textbook, instead it aims to to present the authors’ experiences of supporting social entrepreneurs and the challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship in a structured way.

The toolkit is divided into sections, each focusing on one stage of this journey. There are 3 different ways to view the toolkit, each designed to help you find what you need fast.



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Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) distributes public money for higher education to universities and colleges in England, and ensures that this money is used to deliver the greatest benefit to students and the wider public.

Our core values are openness, impartiality, fairness and objectivity. And in everything we do, we strive to safeguard the collective interests of students. This includes monitoring that universities and colleges are financially healthy, that their courses are good quality, and that everyone with the potential to enter higher education has a fair chance to do so.



Simpacta is a leading provider of strategic, operational and financial consultancy services to organisations that are focused on building social capital and/or delivering social outcomes. We work with non-profit organisations, social enterprises and public sector commissioners/service providers to help them to plan for and deliver enhanced social impact in their specific area(s) of activity.

The guiding principle which underpins all of Simpacta’s work is that many of the planning and implementation approaches commonly seen in the business world can be adapted and applied in a social change setting.

Red Ochre


Red Ochre is a pioneering management consultancy and training firm working specifically with organisations that deliver social change, including social enterprises, ethical businesses, voluntary and community organisations, faith based organisations, charities, infrastructure bodies and the public sector.

Our mission is to provide appropriate, imaginative and innovative advice, support, and training to individuals and organisations so that they are better able to deliver their own economic, social and environmental objectives. Red Ochre is a social enterprise well known at UK level and regarded as a leading specialist third sector business support provider.